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Christianna Parell, Event planning & design

heighten the senses of your guests to evoke memories of nostalgia & wonderment



To deliver events that heighten the senses of your guests by striking the perfect balance between exhilaration and equanimity; To evoke and create sentiments of nostalgia, serenity, and wonderment through every event planned.

Providing experiences that trigger the most present and awakened self.



We offer the following array of services to help you hone your vision and host your memorable event:

  • Full Service Planning - managing all planning aspects of your event from start to finish

  • Select Service Planning - managing select aspects of your event and the creative planning process

  • Day-of event coordination - helping you carry out and streamline elements you have already planned for your event

  • Event Consultation - offering professional guidance as you walk through the process of planning your own event

  • SENT-iments - our custom service to help you never miss sending gifts (flowers, chocolate, etc.) to your loved ones on their everyday events (birthday, anniversary, etc.) - see our SENT-iments page above to learn more!


    • Finding, recommending, and assisting in securement of your venue

    • Finding, recommending, and assisting in securement of your entertainment, catering, and vendors

    • Development and arrangement of event space design, decor, and area layout

    • Assistance with event stationary, table charts, and marketing

    • Custom floral arrangement prototypes

    • Assembly of event flow, run of show, and timelines

    • Full execution of event so that you can enjoy your creation as much as your guests!

Elysian Events is proud to offer services for international and destination events.

So wherever you are, we'd be honored to help you host an incredible experience for your guests!




CHRISTIANNA PARELL is an event specialist who began her career at one of the world’s top luxury convention hotels.

There, she quickly rose to the role of senior event manager and was responsible for planning roughly 300 events each year with a number of them hosting over 3,000 guests.


  • intimate weddings to elaborate galas

  • Private corporate meetings to city-wide conventions

  • athletic clubs to professional sports teams

  • local celebrities to internationally recognized public figures

Her portfolio also includes visits and events for united states presidential nominees, the vice president of the united states, and the president of the united states.

Christianna’s passion lies in creating a vibrant, warm ambiance with an elegant touch. She believes in the power of the great event and its ability to rejuvenate the spirit and provide your guests with a reprieve from the stresses of reality. In all areas and in every realm, she is dedicated to providing seamless event experiences for hosts and guests alike. she is dedicated to detail and motivated by the opportunity to make each client’s gathering one that leaves guests yearning to relive it.




E·ly·sian (el-’e-zhan)

adjective: relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise; beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful & perfect

Also hailed in Greek mythology as a paradise reserved for heroes immortalized by the gods (Elysium), Elysian came to be the word that most closely embodied every angle of this company’s vision for its events. (Not to mention it was later discovered to be the name of the small midwest town where the founder’s parents first met.)

Much in the way the ancient greeks thought Elysium to be, at Elysian Events, our every intention is to create unparalleled experiences that afford your guests a moment in time where they may feel their most present, awakened, and serene sense of self. We believe there’s a stunning balance that can be struck when you combine just the right amount of entertainment with just the right amount of sentiment. We seek to heighten the senses of your guests with a sincere mission to evoke and create memories of nostalgia and wonderment.

Elysian Events will always focus its attention on creating experiences that are a proper reflection of its name.




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The following testimonials about Christianna’s work in event planning come from clients throughout her career.

In the spirit of maintaining client privacy, all statements are kept anonymous.

My event planner was Christianna and she was OUTSTANDING.

“Christianna was an absolute joy to work with and in my 20+ years of event planning experience, likely the best overall venue planner I've had the pleasure of working with. She went out of her way from the pre-event details through onsite delivery to exceed expectations. She is a true asset to [company] and I would welcome any opportunity to work with her in the future.”

“I have always had a fantastic experience with [event facility] and I didn't think it could be any better than it was, but this year was the best yet. Christianna Parell went way above and beyond for my group to make sure everything was absolutely perfect…I've always had a great experience with our planning contacts at [event facility] but she made my job as a planner so much easier with her personal attention to me and my group. I know we're a small group compared to the size of groups you probably serve…but she definitely made me feel like my group was just as important. I can't thank Christianna enough, but I can say that we've already reached out to [event venue] to secure our rooms for next year (six months before we typically do).”

“In my thirty plus years of conducting national meetings, I found Christianna Parell to be one of the most professional people to deal with. Her attention to detail, constant follow-up and thoroughness was exceptional. Anytime I go into a new facility there is always the uncertainty as to how well the event will be. Christianna and her staff made it a perfect meeting. Thanks for making my meeting perfect. Christianna is a superb employee of your firm. Make sure to hang on to her.”

“Christianna was EXCEPTIONAL! I've been planning events with for 7 years with [company] and she by far exceeded other [event facilities] that we've been with before. She answered all of my questions (even my strange ones, which I have a lot!) and even helped me stuff client envelopes…she was FANTASTIC!!”

“I've been impressed with [event facility brand] in the past -- this experience has truly elated my overall opinion of [event facility brand] - and based upon this experience-- and the GOLD STAR service that Christianna and her colleagues provided to us -- I will definitely recommend the [event facility], as well as seek to utilize them in the future. Keep this up --- it’s a game changer for your industry.”

“Christianna was such a pleasure to work with. She got me! FANTASTIC experience!”

Christianna is my hero. She makes magic happen. She literally saved the day with only 30 minutes notice.

“I'd like to commend Christianna Parell on her service, focus on details and creative planning talent. We had an excellent experience thanks to her attention.”

“The [event facility] will be my first recommendation and first phone call for any future events or needs. The customer service provided by Christianna Parell and her team… has made me an advocate for, and loyal customer to the [company]. Christianna understood our needs completely and went above and beyond to make sure they were met, even when there was a tight timeline. Along with the rest of the team, Christianna shouldered the workload that comes with organizing an event, quickly earning my trust and allowing me to be stress free in implementation. Saying that I am impressed with their efforts does not do justice towards my feelings. Christianna Parell and her team…are hard working leaders that provided an example of the very best in customer service. Their efforts were sincerely appreciated and far beyond expectation.”

“We have the best experience with Christianna Parell. She was always available no matter the day/time. She was very positive and pleasant to work with...”

“I'd like to specifically mention Christianna Parell - she did an excellent job and made my job very easy. She made sure everything happened on time and as expected.”

“Christianna Parell was incredibly helpful and friendly. We both felt she went above and beyond to make sure we had successful meetings.”

“Christianna was excellent - doing meetings long distance without ever seeing the site - you need someone like her to walk you through it all and someone like her you can trust! Excellent!”

“Christianna was very helpful in coordinating the room reservations, coordinating and communicating with me on room availability, amenities… etc. I will contact the [event facility] as my first choice the next time I have to plan on another delegation... Christianna did an excellent job. Her attention to detail and assistance allowed me to focus on other parts of my delegations visit that needed attention. Thank you.”

“Ms. Parell did an awesome job. Beginning with our initial phone conservations …until our last bus left for the stadium on Sunday, Christianna was on top of her game. She was very dedicated to detail for all our needs for preparation as well as during the team's stay. She and her staff not only took special care of the team's owner and our other VIP's but made sure all the guests in our group were treated like VIP's.”

“Christianna was a pleasure to work with! Very responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. Exceptional customer service!”

“Not only is Christianna helpful and caring but she is an absolute joy to speak to over the phone. If I had a question and left her a message she got back to me right away. She asked me a series of questions about our event to help make our experience as seamless as possible. I was not able to be on-site for the meetings but right away Christianna sent me an email to update me that everything kicked off smoothly for the meetings, she arranged to have a couple of nice amenities sent as a welcome gift and also had complimentary desserts sent up to the meeting rooms as a "Thank You" from her team. We will definitely be returning.”

Christianna did an amazing job of thinking through special little touches to add to our event. She was very thoughtful and thorough with her questions, and truly captured the vision for my event…Christianna is very fun to work with. She went above and beyond!




(Indianapolis, IN)

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