E·ly·sian (el-’e-zhan)

adjective: relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise; beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful & perfect

Also hailed in Greek mythology as a paradise reserved for heroes immortalized by the gods (Elysium), Elysian came to be the word that most closely embodied every angle of this company’s vision for its events. (Not to mention it was later discovered to be the name of the small midwest town where the founder’s parents first met.)

Much in the way the ancient greeks thought Elysium to be, at Elysian Events, our every intention is to create unparalleled experiences that afford your guests a moment in time where they may feel their most present, awakened, and serene sense of self. We believe there’s a stunning balance that can be struck when you combine just the right amount of entertainment with just the right amount of sentiment. We seek to heighten the senses of your guests with a sincere mission to evoke and create memories of nostalgia and wonderment.

Elysian Events will always focus its attention on creating experiences that are a proper reflection of its name.